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What is NGV

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We will introduce with NGV, also inform you how it works.

NGV Solutions is the best solutions provider in Malaysia.

Keep and touch we will upload more detail about this tropics.

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Operation for Carburetor Switch:

which There are Three Options for Select the Fuel Mode.
A) Petrol Mode. B) Neutral or Middle. C) Gas Mode.

Operation Petrol to Gas Mode:
01) Every morning start by petrol with select petrol mode. And drive or accelerate for engine warm-up. The time of petrol, switch will be shown red LED or Yellow Led.
02) After warm-up select the Gas Mode fllowed by the instruction.
a) Turn the switch in neutral or middle position. During this time switch has not shown any LED indicator.
b) Run or accelerate until petrol finish at the carburetor chamber.
c) Then ensure that petrol is finished, select to the Gas Mode. The time of gas, switch will show yellow LED 01for positioning. And others green LED for Gas level (1/2/3/4).



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